Valerie Dodds made worldwide news and landed the cover of Hustler Magazine after receiving the longest jail sentence in US history for an “indecent exposure” charge stemming from nude photos—photos taken at her former Catholic high school while she wore nothing but a rosary.

 Valerie was born on Valentine’s Day, 1994, in the heart of America: Lincoln, Nebraska. The All-American girl grew up in a typical Midwest household filled with seven sisters, two brothers, and enough pets to start a farm. The story of her teenage years reads like the lyrics to a country song, complete with catholic school, volleyball, and drinking in cornfields.

 Her conservative surroundings suppressed many of Valerie’s early sexual curiosities. At sixteen she experimented with drinking and kissing girls, but her bisexual urges never exceeded these innocent exchanges. When she lost her virginity that same year, the experience was equally subdued. She and her boyfriend struggled to keep quiet so his mother would not find out.

 It was not until Valerie graduated high school in 2012 that she began to rebel and pursue her own desires. At 18 she started posing nude and webcamming. Predictably, Valerie’s nude body received plenty of attention from Lincoln’s male population. But, it also drew criticism on social media from former classmates, friends, friends’ parents, and strangers—all of whom indulged in Valerie’s erotic work in private only to condemn her in public.

 Never one to take things lying down, Valerie sent a message to her detractors. In the middle of the night on Mother’s Day, 2013, she stormed the football field of her former catholic high school, Pius X, and posed for nude photos while wearing a rosary. The act caused an uproar as she had debased two tenants of Nebraska life: religion and football. A month later Valerie was arrested for “trespassing” and “public nudity.” The charges set off a media firestorm, which only grew when she returned to Pius X in panties and pasties to protest her arrest.

 Eventually Valerie served a 45-day sentence in Lancaster County Jail—making her the only person in the US to be jailed for “indecent exposure” over nude photographs months after the scandal had happened.

 The puritanical sentence caught the attention of Hustler Magazine, as the publication is dedicated to defending the first amendment and confronting moral zealots. In 2013 Valerie shot her first professional photo shoot for Hustler. Her story and her natural beauty were compelling enough to land her the cover of Hustler’s 2013 Holiday edition. This exposure led to an offer to sign with 101 Models and to shoot hardcore solo and girl-girl scenes. With her past plastered across the media, Valerie realized it was her name, and her story, that had gotten her to this crucial juncture in her career. Without shame she made the bold choice to forgo a stage name. She shot her first sex scene for a professional studio with Kimberly Kane under her Christian name: Valerie Dodds.

 In the adult industry Valerie began to explore her suppressed desires and to discover others, such as her fetish for having her feet played with and her toes sucked. While she dates men in her personal life, on camera she prefers the company of women—as many as possible.

 In her burgeoning career, Valerie has already shot for every major adult studio, including Hustler, Penthouse, Brazzers, Zero Tolerance, Reality Kinds, Girlfriends Films, Pure Play Media, Girlsway, Smash Pictures, AMK Empire, and Digital Sin. Her growing body of work even led to a nomination for “Hottest Newcomer” at the 2016 AVN Awards. 

 When she is not shooting scenes, Valerie is webcamming, feature dancing, appearing at events across the country, running her website, connecting with her loyal fans on social media, and building her media empire. What little time remains is dedicated to working out, watching Husker football, and spending time with her pets: a Labradoodle named Jax, a Chihuahua named Bear, and three cats—Hobbs, Dot, and Ranger. 

 Valerie’s history no longer reads like the tale of a typical Midwest girl. Her life now follows a new narrative, one entirely dictated by her. It is a story brimming with bare beauty and unrestrained, girl-on-girl sex.

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